Your Office Visit


Your Visit: What To Bring With You


Any visit to a physician’s office can come with uncertainty. What can I expect? What do I need to have with me? We understand, and have provided this section to alleviate your concerns.

Before your appointment


Any new visit to a doctor requires paperwork. To save time, please download the following forms at our secure patient portal at (If you haven't yet, please call our office to get your user name and password.) Print and complete these forms before your visit:

  • Patient Demographic Form
  • Patient Privacy (HIPAA Form)
  • Medical Release Form (optional, if needed)
  • Privacy Act

Appointment checklist

In addition to your completed documents, please bring the following things when you arrive for your appointment:

  • List of all medications you are currently taking
  • Any current eye medications (bring the actual medications—not a list)
  • List of all procedures and hospitalizations in your medical history
  • List of all current physicians
  • All medical insurance cards and necessary referrals
  • Any glasses and contacts
  • A driver to take you home, as we will dilate your eyes during the appointment
  • Snacks (if diabetic)
  • Extra oxygen tanks (if on oxygen)

What can I expect on first initial visit?

  1. Upon checking in, our front staff will greet you and ask for your insurance cards, ID, and completed forms from above. We value your personal information and will hold it in the highest confidence as required by law.
  2. Our staff will begin your visit by dilating your pupils. After this, your physician will review your medical history, examine your eyes, order diagnostic testing (if needed), and discuss any findings or treatment.
  3. When necessary, we will perform diagnostic testing on the same day of your visit if allowed by your insurance provider. (Some insurance companies require these tests on a separate visit.)
  4. Laser treatments, intravitreal injections, periocular injections, pneumatic retinopexy, or photodynamic therapy can also be performed on-site in our state-of-the-art facility.
  5. Because your eyes will be dilated, we provide sun shades as you leave with your chosen driver.
  6. Any major surgical procedures will be performed at Amarillo Cataract and Eye Surgical Center, which is affiliated with our practice.

Most new patient visits at our office last one to four hours. Follow-up visits may last up to three hours. This time frame allows to perform all necessary exams and tests. When emergencies and other unforeseen events cause additional delays, we will strive to minimize these inconveniences. Thank you for understanding.